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Opinions why/how some ladies have long labia?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabialuvrLabialuvr
    3.25 Karma Points [?]Message LabialuvrPosts: 18Member
    I've been intimate with 50-60 women and few have had long labia minora. Like this site's members I have a labia fetish. I believe it has to do with higher testosterone levels during puberty which also cause certain characteristic facial features; more prominent ridge above the eyebrows. This has been a strong correlation in my experience. Would appreciate other people's opinion, male and female :-)
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  • Much more that "read" the face (chin, nose,. . ) I think in this summer time, it is more "bankable" to "read the bulge".

    I let you examine those pictures and telling me what you think about.

    1024 x 768 - 160K
    1024 x 768 - 133K
    1024 x 768 - 150K
    1200 x 798 - 213K
    731 x 1100 - 166K
    960 x 1093 - 242K
    Thanked by 2licknthick1 sgtbert
  • Jayden Lee bulge and big labias
    1331 x 885 - 181K
    1280 x 853 - 167K
    1331 x 885 - 173K
    1331 x 885 - 194K
  • Sexy blond one
    682 x 1024 - 109K
    1024 x 682 - 91K
    682 x 1024 - 112K
    682 x 1024 - 96K
    1024 x 682 - 67K
    1024 x 682 - 55K
    1024 x 682 - 60K
  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    691.11 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,567Senior Member
    Don't know why or how..... but I sure do like long labia! Sounds like we need a scientist to figure this one out! ;)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    267.66 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,035Senior Member
    I do not know ?
    But I do know that I also Really Enjoy Large Labia & Clitoris !!!
    Bert :-}
  • I am not sure that testosterone would be responsable with macronymphia. I think that clit size depend on testo level as you can see with body building women who take testo to increase their muscles.

    Inner lips are growing during puberty period under influence of oestrogen secretion. Oestrogens are a growth cellular factor.
    Off course, all women have oestrogen secretions but not all have the same inner lips size.
    So why some will have big lips and some not???

    I have my opinion.
    I think that if their is no difference in molecular formula of estradiol, the cellular effects are different. Why? Because I think that cellular receptors have differences between people.
    Perhaps some receptors in some women have more hormonal affinity and so, the cell order replication is stronger.

    Some will say, "so big lips= big boops..."...

    But we all saw that Dominika have not big boops.

    But perhaps that receptors are differents on boops cells and on labia cells. Perhaps the transcription of an hormonal order is different between different kinds of cells.

    We are the result of billion years of evolution and we develop molecular polymorphisms.

    To conclude, I would say that unfortunately I don't think that if a woman has big lips, you can read it on her face.
    In the same way, I don't think that you can read on his face that a man have big cock ;)
    Thanked by 1LusciousLabia
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LusciousLabiaLusciousLabia
    594.49 Karma Points [?]Message LusciousLabiaPosts: 858Senior Member
    Amin brother "Pussytongueman"  you said it all, that is the best explication till now and very logically also. Do you have medical training?
    Post edited by LusciousLabia at 2017-02-22 12:06:07
  • Yes , as I wrote it in the "about me" section, I am an hospital physician.
    I searched the answer on web this keywords, but I failed. No answers except that it's a oestrogen mechanism.
    Thanked by 1licknthick1
  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    691.11 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,567Senior Member
    Interesting speculation.... I would like to add a question: How many ladies with long labia are proud of them? That is what this site is truly about!
  • Girls with big labia, have a little bulge in there swimsuits.
    When there thighs are not too spread, the frontal section of there sex is more like a triangle.
    But girls with little pussy labias have more a camel toe look like or a trapezoidal section. All this is logical. You don't have any labia relief.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down dingdongdingdong
    8.55 Karma Points [?]Message dingdongPosts: 25Member
    Amazing photos
    Post edited by dingdong at 2017-07-20 16:40:10
  • Vote Up0Vote Down clitmanclitman
    333.52 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 707Senior Member
    Morning all from cold but sunny SOUTH AFRICA thx @PTM for the great pics they are awesome the pic that caught my attention the most though was the four ladies on the beach sure all u gentlemen noticed how they looked similar in height stature breast size and facial features like they are sisters two sets of twins or qauds .....but did u gentlemen notice the difference between the two on the left and the two on the right if u didnt u will see the two on the left have the same cameltoe or pussy structure and the two on the right are exactly the opposite so making me thing that left are related to each other and the similar to the two on the right my observation might be wrong but my eyesight tells me I'm right what are your thoughts on this pic thx very much once again to PTM for the great pics
  • You're welcome.
    You exactly notice what I wanted to show and prove you :-)
    Not write on face but on underwears only.

    Also sunny in French Alpes too.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down clitmanclitman
    333.52 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 707Senior Member
    Thx @ptm wish I was in the alps at least u dont have to worry about the cold the views and the ladies there keep your blood warmed up ....but unfortunately my observation of the ladies on the beach was wrong as none of them are related and it was the photographer who was the lucky man to get the pic at that right moment they are all VICTORIA SECRET models and were chosen because of there likeness for the picture .....also u will notice the Russian model second from left has no belly button as well ....ppl stipulating she has put on weight so they photo shopped her tummy to make her look thinner but they didn't do a good job ....but all in all they are one HOT!!!! foursome and very hornifying to the eyes ...take care and post some pics of the ladies that live in the French alps thx my friend cheers....
  • The Size of Labia Minora and Perception of Genital Appearance: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    Lykkebo AW1, Drue HC, Lam JUH, Guldberg R.

    Author information



    The aims of the study were to describe and to assess the size of labia minora in normal women, including the women's perception of their genitals to offer better counseling to the women seeking for labiaplasty.


    This cross-sectional study was undertaken in the outpatient clinic at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Kolding Medical Center between May 2012 and October 2013, when study participants were recruited in connection with their routine visits. Main outcomes of interest were visibility and width of the patients' labia minora. In addition, women were asked whether they perceived their genitals as being normal. Information about age, body mass index, and parity was also collected. We used descriptive statistics and paired t test to compare the clinical measurements.


    In total, 244 women were included in the study. The median width of labia was 15 mm, and 90% of labia were less than 26.5 mm. Fifty-six percent of the women had visible labia minora. Regarding perception, 86.5% considered their labia as being normal. Within the group of women who perceived their genitals to be abnormal, 73.3% had visible labia minora. Among women with the largest labia (>26.5 mm), two thirds considered themselves normal. There was no statistically significant association between the measurements of labia minora and age, body mass index, or parity.


    One of 10 women had a measurement of labia minora of at least 26.5 mm in width. It is just as common to have visible labia minora as hidden labia minora. Women who considered their genitals to be abnormal more often had visible labia minora than women who considered their genitals to be normal.

    PMID: 28369012 DOI: 10.1097/LGT.0000000000000308

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