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From small to large inner labia.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down Arie1010Arie1010
    0.02 Karma Points [?]Message Arie1010Posts: 1Member
    Maybe a strange question.

    But my ex girlfriend always had very small inner labia. See the last two photos.
    But within 3 years she has big bulging inner labia.
    See the first photo.

    Does anyone have any idea how that happened or how she did that?

    I'm curious.
    1024 x 576 - 123K
    _MG_9193 2013-03-24.jpg
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    _DSC8208 2019-04-22.jpg
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    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2023-09-13 11:15:52
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    773.69 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,978Senior Member
    I certainly don’t have an answer for that—-but I do appreciate you and her sharing! I especially like the middle picture, seeing her pink! The newer picture of her labia is also very exciting! Thank you!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    409.63 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 2,008Site Administrator
    So there are a lot of factors that influence the size of a woman's labia over the course of time, but in your girlfriend's case, it seems that her weight was a bit different - she seems to be a slightly heavier in the 1x3 photo, which would influence her labia protruding less than in the the 1x1 photo, where she appears to be slimmer, and so her labia protrudes a bit more.

    Also her arousal state affects the way her labia looks as well.  In the 1x2 photo, I would surmise she isn't yet aroused.  Perhaps she is in the 1x3 photo, but with the dildo in the way, you can't really see her labia that well.  In the 1x1 photo, she appears to be sexually aroused, and so her labia are definitely engorged and thicker than normal. Hope this answers your question. ;-)
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2023-09-13 11:15:05
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down RexesRexes
    0.16 Karma Points [?]Message RexesPosts: 1Member
    looks like a different girl?????
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