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Does good dancer equal good lover?
  • In my experience, it is hit or miss. I feel like the inhibition level is the same, but quality varies. I have had crazy sexy times with bad dancers, and only so-so times with good dancers. I think good movement is good movement period, but cannot quite discern exactly what the connection is - confidence, lack of inhibitions, good balance between wildfree and controlled? What are your thoughts? Going to a wedding with hubby for his work friend, hips are ready to move ;)
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    370.60 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,876Site Administrator Accepted Answer
    Yeah. . .I never saw the correlation either.

    Incidentally, I am a good dancer though.

    But I wonder if this applies only to men, or women,
    or both -- I've seen some spicy latinas cut a rug, and
    then when I got them to myself, the sex wasn't so good.

    But then I've seen latinas for example who cut a rug,
    and almost broke my cock off with the way they rode
    me it was that good. . .so I don't know.

    I've had sex with black women, white women, asian women,
    and latinas, and while I didn't get a chance to see how they
    all danced, some of them did me good, while others left much
    to be desired irrespective of their dance skill.

    I have to admit though. . .seeing a woman, typically french or
    spanish doing a tango or salsa type dance with a nice slinky dress,
    and her hair up in a bun drives me bat-shit instantly. :D
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    370.60 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,876Site Administrator Accepted Answer
    I might also add. . .

    I'd love to finally get an east indian woman to myself
    in the bedroom. . .especially if she's a good belly dancer.

    I don't know. . .but something tells me the sex would have
    to be amazing -- although based on prior criteria I could be
    wrong. . .but a man can wonder can't he? :X
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down mrmarquismrmarquis
    79.92 Karma Points [?]Message mrmarquisPosts: 828Senior Member
    I have to say that I've never noticed any correlation between the two.  As Kitty mentioned, I have been with great lovers who were lousy dancers, and vice versa.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down tempest_drivertempest_driver
    107.64 Karma Points [?]Message tempest_driverPosts: 670Senior Member
    I'd have to agree that it's a myth too. I think I'm a good lover. I haven't had any complaints anyway. But on the dance floor I'm whiter than sour cream. (yes, I just stereotyped myself as a white guy with absolutely no rhythm.)

    I've also known some women who were great dancers, but so bad in bed that her pussy was literally the only thing keeping me there, and there was never any thought of a second helping.

    I'd actually give more weight to how they look at you. If a woman's looking at me like I'm lunch, I'm guessing it's going to be a good night.
    Post edited by tempest_driver at 2012-03-07 12:21:15
  • @labialover, I love when you say things drive you batshit crazy - I know that is no joke!
    I would be curious about a bellydancer, too. Get on that and report back to us ;)
    It is funny, I have only ever really been with white guys. I wish I had had more experience outside my race.
    @mrmarquis and @tempest_driver, thanks for your input. I don't consider myself a good dancer (too white perhaps, lol). I was so shy when I was young, I didn't regularly dance in public until I was about 20. I think too much time just singing into my hairbrush at home with my sisters made me far too silly about dancing to ever look really good or sexy doing it. I do consider myself a good lover and received high marks from men. One guy with whom I had an "everything but intercourse" kind of sexlife often questioned my virginity, saying I "didn't move like a virgin". That drove ME batshit to hear that!
    @tempest_driver, YES, the look in the eyes tells all. You guys are taking me on a nice trip down memory lane. Another guy I dated in college told me I got this lusty seductress look that told him when I meant business. Need to add this back to my repertoire more often. Have I told you fellas lately how cool you are?!
    And good dancer or not, if you are willing to get on the dance floor with a woman, you're sending some sexy open messages, too ;)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    370.60 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,876Site Administrator
    @Kitty77 yes. . .certain things drive me CRAZY, batshit crazy!! :D

    I have never been involved sexually with an Eastern Indian woman,
    but lord knows how I'd love to be. . .my girlfriend makes fun of me because
    I have a crush on a few well known Eastern Indian women namely Aishwarya Ray,
    and Sara Shahi who I fell head over heels for, when I saw her in the Showtime
    series that is over now, "The L Word" which chronicled the happenings in the lives
    of a group of lesbian women who happened to be friends.

    I know. . .totally not a show you'd picture a masculine guy like me watching,
    but I am still a man who enjoys watching women get it on, and also likes comparing
    what I experience in my male-female heterosexual relationships with what two
    women in a lesbian relationship might experience.

    And I do mean on the whole. . .sexually, socially, politically, etc.

    While of course the show was fictional, a spin-off show was eventually
    created called "The Real L Word" which follows the lives of actual lesbian
    women and I can honestly say, that the fictional show "The L Word" was
    pretty close in drawing that comparison. ;)

    There are literally just a handful of things that make me crazy, in order
    of how much they make me CRAZY from highest to lowest:

    1) Redhead women with Freckles on their faces and shoulders.

    2) Redhead women without Freckles on their faces and shoulders.

    3) Women with freckles on their faces or other parts of their bodies,
    specifically love it when they are on the chest. . .OH MY GOODNESS! =P~

    4) Thick, curvy women.  Fine line though.  I've met women who were a lot
    more than thick disproportionately, and tried to pass themselves off as "thick".
    To me it's not about the weight really, but how the woman wears it.
    I had sex with a woman once who was 190 pounds, but she was also 5'11",
    so the weight distributed nicely on her tall frame, and she was SEXY -- it gave
    her the right kind of "thick" I look for in a woman.  I once met a woman who I had
    talked to solely online for a good while before we decided to have sex, and she was
    4'11" and 140 pounds, but for her frame it made her look disproportionate if you know
    what I mean -- I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but I know what I'm
    attracted to in a woman, it's not that kind of "thick".

    5) Black, White, Spanish and Asian Women who are naturally beautiful (without makeup).
    I don't care if a woman likes to wear makeup. . .but when she's not wearing makeup, I like
    to be able to look at her face while she sleeps and say to myself: "Damn. . .she's gorgeous".

    6) Eastern Indian Women who are really naturally beautiful.
    In my experience, I find when it comes to Eastern Indian women (for me anyway),
    it seems to be hit or miss -- either they are drop dead gorgeous, or. . .not so much.

    So if you come across any bad ass redheads. . .you know they have a man here
    who loves them to pieces, just like the rest of my list. . .

    Ironically, it seems that for me, about 85% of the women I come across fit into
    one of those categories above. . .or maybe I just love women in general.

    I suspect it's the latter. LOL! :D
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2012-03-07 14:04:48
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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