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Is this how you feel when you want it?
  • Vote Up1Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member
    Open Mahogany by she

    Papi,I have my soft cocoa thighs open...
    Cum feel this soft wetness...
    Can you handle me...
    make your African mahogany staff my daily fantasy...
    I feel as soft as I look...
    I'm as solid as I appear...
    As sweet as honey...
    I can be your chocolate bunny...
    Hop on my knees so I can please ya..
    Jump on it roll my hips on it...
    Ride that big dawg like a pony..
    BUCK, BUCK, you off...
    You like that Danny boy?
    Now who's all talk...
    Come to me.... come to me..
    Drip that cream...
    Ima be your wet dream right now...
    Don't wipe it down..
    That first pearl is sweet to my pink gums....
    Play my cherry flower bud like a fiddle...
    Make this wave sear through my body
    lick it like you like your lips after a tasty treat
    Easy baby rock with me
    ride me like a gentleman
    wait on me like I'm your lady
    Let's start this journey like this will be our eternity. by she
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2012-03-18 12:42:28
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down [Deleted User][Deleted User]
    0.01 Karma Points [?]Message [Deleted User]Posts: 0 Accepted Answer
    Wonderful, @She, I love all of the references to this time of year! Chocolate bunny, flower bud, damn woman you even got a Danny boy in there ;)
    u have inspired to get back into writing :)
    I send little things to my husband every so often. Going to do it more!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member
    Hee, hee thankyou
  • Vote Up0Vote Down mrmarquismrmarquis
    79.92 Karma Points [?]Message mrmarquisPosts: 828Senior Member Accepted Answer


    You continue to amaze me with your beautiful, sexy, deeply erotic poetry.  Just gorgeous!!  Keep at it please.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down LunaLuna
    1.00 Karma Points [?]Message LunaPosts: 12Member Accepted Answer
    Lovely, this one goes into my favourites! You nailed the essence of the emotional things that happen during sex. Loving it!
    My mom's lesson: "Your vagina is a very valuable companion in life. Treat her well, and she will reward you with years of pleasure. How is letting a plastic surgeon mutilate her 'treating her well'?"
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover
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