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Does the size of the labia affect the sensation for the man and how???
  • Wondering if the man can feel the longer labia, like maybe hugging/kissing their penis as they thrust in and out of the woman? Curious to find out.
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down SvenSven
    12.25 Karma Points [?]Message SvenPosts: 10Member Accepted Answer

    The penis shaft doesn't have the nerve endings that fingers have, so the answer sadly is no.  But the feelings we get from the fantastic sight of larger labia is all mental so I guess the answer is YES!!!


  • Vote Up0Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member Accepted Answer
    I have to agree with @Sven ...the visuals sure does make a lot of difference for us Men.
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down mrmarquismrmarquis
    79.92 Karma Points [?]Message mrmarquisPosts: 828Senior Member Accepted Answer
    Quite right.  Men in general are very visual creatures.  Thus the close attachment to porn.  It is the sight of those gorgeous, larger labia which attracts.  There is a difference in feeling, but it is quite slight from the male perspective.  I'm told that the women, on the other hand, feel the difference when they have larger labia.  I assume it's due to more nerve endings in that sensitive area.  No matter the reasons, we LOVE them.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down tempest_drivertempest_driver
    107.64 Karma Points [?]Message tempest_driverPosts: 670Senior Member Accepted Answer
    Actually, I have to disagree with all of the above. For me, a pair of long, luscious labia feel like the softest lips and tongue you can imagine kissing and licking my cockhead as I rub it around my lady's folds, or caressing my shaft as I thrust in and out. The visual aspect, as amazing as it is. Is but very tantalizing icing on the pink velvet cake of being with a luscious labiad woman.
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down SvenSven
    12.25 Karma Points [?]Message SvenPosts: 10Member

    So there it is.  The answer is Yes and No.  Now to read Douglas Adams 5 part trillogy The hitchhickers guide ...


    Thanked by 1Eva
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