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What do men really think when they see you naked?
  • Vote Up1Vote Down joeyminxjoeyminx
    9.15 Karma Points [?]Message joeyminxPosts: 19Member

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    720.11 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,683Senior Member Accepted Answer
    If the girl wants to show herself naked to the man, he will probably want to respond physically. If he walks in to see her naked, and she does not want to be seen, that is a different matter.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down DaveHDaveH
    0.13 Karma Points [?]Message DaveHPosts: 0Member
    Agreed.  Her intention, if we can decipher it, is controlling - did she plan for me to see her, or was it accidental?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member
    Yes I can also Agree with that , but for me Facial Expressions are a Big Deal !
    What kind of a look is on her Face , Smile or Frown , She could be the most Sexiest & Attractive Ever , But if she is not Smiling , it would be a big turn off for me & if she looks mad , I will turn & Run Away , Fast !!!
    Bert :-}
  • Vote Up0Vote Down masepoesmasepoes
    2.93 Karma Points [?]Message masepoesPosts: 9Member
    Personally, I love the female, I don't think men have so much of an issue with woman's bodies, they themselves are more critical on how they look. I can appreciate their bodies without the need for it to end in sex. I've noticed a lot of comments in here by ladies with large labia are very negative, myself as a male find it absolutely stunning, it's a unique feature in their bodies, same as a large penis or testicles. I love nudity as it is so seeing a naked female body is gorgeous for me.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down clitmanclitman
    347.16 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 766Senior Member
    What do men think when they see u naked is not a mystery no matter who u are all men act or behave in a different way ...for me the women's body is a thing of beauty t doesn't matter if u are large or skinny if u are confident with your body and u are not scared of your sexuality no matter how big or small u are men will be totally attracted to u I myself love to see a women getting undressed because then u can see how comfortable she is with her own body reaction to a naked women whether she wanted me to see her naked is ...seeing her naked my brain shutdown my penis takes over for a few seconds my brain recovers and moves my eyes over beautiful body and then a couple of seconds my brain kicks into gear again and starts my heart going again and I either apologize to her for walking in on her or if its intentional I will go WOW!!! And continue to admire her beauty while I walk towards her being disrespectful to a naked women is not an option to men .....that's what your parents taught u
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