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pleasuring herself?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down clitmanclitman
    348.89 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 770Senior Member
    What is it about a women pleasuring herself that turns u on .....from a women's perspective what does it take for u to get so turned on that u have to pleasure yourself ....
    500 x 267 - 1M
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2017-12-28 18:04:26
    Thanked by 2licknthick1 Honey
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  • Vote Up2Vote Down clitmanclitman
    348.89 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 770Senior Member
    Some pics to add to the discussion .....
    500 x 278 - 927K
    500 x 282 - 956K
    253 x 251 - 419K
    320 x 240 - 414K
    400 x 300 - 965K
    500 x 278 - 1012K
    500 x 280 - 515K
    480 x 266 - 477K
    265 x 400 - 67K
    729 x 530 - 28K
    1200 x 800 - 233K
    900 x 527 - 262K
    1280 x 853 - 244K
    500 x 240 - 998K
    1280 x 960 - 216K
    500 x 280 - 917K
    350 x 231 - 499K
    325 x 278 - 772K
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down clitmanclitman
    348.89 Karma Points [?]Message clitmanPosts: 770Senior Member
    My thoughts on this discussion are I get turned on because of the visual aspect of her playing with herself of course I do I think she is thinking of me when she is masturbating ...I'm hoping so ....but I really dont think so ......will I get angry if she told me she was thinking of @lnt1..or @ sgtbert ...or any of the guys on the site who happened to turn her on with his comments on the pics she puts up or sent her a private message .....absolutely not because Im sure she gets turned on by other ppl other than me .....if she didn't she would be a women in a billion so ladies and gentlemen this discussion is open to all .....ladies your views will be held with the highest regard and hopefully your fantasies will be read and enjoyed by all so have fun
    Thanked by 1Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member
    I Love to eat pussy , I do get turned on when I see a woman with her self because I want to play with her too :-}
    Thanked by 2clitman Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    724.01 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,687Senior Member
    I like seeing that a woman wants to feel pleasure and wants to bring herself to orgasm, if it's by her fantasies or need because she's alone... we are sexual beings- needs and wants are different for everyone, but should not be suppressed. Part of feeling alive!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down dooslek69dooslek69
    22.87 Karma Points [?]Message dooslek69Posts: 68Member
    It turns me on as well, ot only women!!!!
    Thanked by 1Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down HoneyHoney
    67.61 Karma Points [?]Message HoneyPosts: 315Senior Member
    Turn on for sexy man......this many toys!!!!
    Thanked by 1clitman
  • Vote Up0Vote Down dooslek69dooslek69
    22.87 Karma Points [?]Message dooslek69Posts: 68Member
    A woman masturbating is VVVery sexy. I wonder if we can get a video
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