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  • Manloveslabia
    October 2014
  • licknthick1
    Great photo! I can almost taste you!
    July 2014
  • JimmyLemon
    What a gorgeous photo. I love the artistic angle. Seeing all the little folds and creases is lovely. Thanks :)
    March 2014
  • xxl4skin
    Nice Lips... ;-)
    July 2013
  • bigjim8
    absolutely stunning!!! love it
    June 2013
  • Lisa_Lips
    It's so sexy when a woman pulls her pants/panties to the side to give us a peek at her bits. Very sexy, Juicyruby. ;-)
    May 2013
  • sgtbert
    I Like Your Avatar !!! Looks Very GOOD !!! Bert :-}
    May 2013
    • Juicyruby
      Thank you! It feels very freeing to share my girlie bits :)
      May 2013
    • sgtbert
      Ruby Your Girl Bits are Awesome !!! Bert :-}
      May 2013
    • Juicyruby
      Thanks! ! I love getting such wonderful comments :) This is how my pussy lips look in a relaxed state.........maybe my next avi should be when I'm turned on and engorged ;)
      May 2013
    • LabiaLover
      Ruby rather than just showing 1 pic at a time, you can send me a few and I can do a pictorial for you, or you can share a bunch on your own thread. Whatever works for you. :-)
      May 2013

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