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Part 7 men LOVE labia. Boys dont. Get it?
  • Sooo part 7. Men DO love women with labia. Because as boys we had girls. And then we grew up. I loved how age was a definate determining factor from (I WAS YOUNG) pre to late teen and into their 20's - the developmental years. Undoubtfully said. What I can say is, women need encouragement to understand MORE THAN not of most people appreciate your unique and sexy AS FUCK labia lips. I do. Petitions could be developed if not already to abolish the labiaplasty industry. Maybe not entirely but I would be happier with an 80% reduction of "doctors" doctors... Please. Mutilators. So to that woman reading this who is anonymous... You have a GREAT ATTRIBUTE to yourself that YOU (and a handful of "boys") dont realize. That's coming to an end. Because I am thee number one advocate for women who wear them proudly. To be continued into part 8
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