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Part 8. Why would you? How could you?!?!? How dare you !!! Lol
  • Part 8 How Could You? How could you? Why would you wamt to cut off the first part of your vaginas pleasure zones? Because a few less than boys said so? Or some ads or some fucking ridiculous road billboard. Yes. I actually see them. Fucking kill all of the "doctors" mutilating women. Class action lawsuit. I want your money back. For you.
    Lol. Anyway. Seriously who would cut off sensitive nerve endings that WONT 'grow back' as scar tissue is basically nerve-less and basically dead. So now... I BET 3 MILLION DOLLARS I bet that women who had that proceedure regret it for the lost sensitivity in and of its self. Idk. I'm a man. You couldnt get me to cut my penis head off for 20 million dollars. Why would I? It DEFINES ME... below the belt. Lol. Plus after hypothetically I did do that... Now my dick can pee only because MOST of its nerve endings are now dead. I would never do that. Think twice ladies... Onto part 9; An affixiation toward the deep seated passion....
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2020-09-18 14:11:22
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