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Part 9 A Deep Seated Passion.
  • Part 9. Passionate. The vagina is thee most sacred place of any female alive. It is not only every straight man's desire to have hold and hopefully keep (marriage) its what some of us are MOST passionate about. I absolutely LOVE the largest I can hunt down. Talk about passion. I think I probably own thee single most largest collection huge labia photos, movies, gifs and gifs I made. I mean TERABYTES. I am not obsessed. I am not a weirdo. I know what I love. I know why I love it. The women I was with, who had what I loved, KNOW I loved that in particular. As sex was daily and was definitely a "go" for me. I am saying that, of the seven wonders of the world.... a huge set of labia minora wrapped around my shaft while having intercourse is the 8th for me. Because NOTHING could be more pleasurable. Or exciting to see. Be real. Keep them where they are. If anything enhance them. And little daily tugging. ;) I will post more "questions" when I can figure out this website as it seems ... Idk ... Impossible to actually see anything. Maybe it's because I'm new here. I registered. As thee most amazed man ever. ;)
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    I agree!
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    I agree!
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