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General Site Rules
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    If you use a disposable e-mail address, your account will likely be rejected.  If you somehow make it through our screening process, please keep in mind that accounts are regularly reviewed.

    If it is discovered you used a disposable e-mail address to sign up, your account will be deleted without warning.

    This policy helps us to prevent and control spam.  By using your real e-mail account, you help us to prevent spam.

    If there are e-mails you prefer not to receive from the site, you can control what e-mails you receive in your account profile.

    In addition, your e-mail address is never displayed to other members, unless you decide to set your e-mail to be publicly visible in your profile.


    To help curb the origination of spam, and to ensure that maintains a good mailing reputation, the site participates in the various "Feedback Loops" provided by the major mail providers.

    This means that when you mark mail from as SPAM, the provider you use notifies us that you marked our e-mail to you as spam.

    You can control what messages the site sends you by simply going to your profile, and editing your preferences -- if you don't wish to receive any mail from the site, you can set that in your preferences, and therefore there is *never* a reason to mark mail from the site as "spam" at your provider.

    If you mark mail from as spam at your provider (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, etc), your account will be deleted without warning.


    If you are found to be harassing a site member, male or female, you will
    be given a warning, and will need to cease communication immediately
    with the site member who complained about you.

    If you are found to be harassing a site member again, you will be removed
    as a member of the site, and will become an anonymous viewer.

    If you still continue to try and harass site members at the point where you've
    been removed as a member, you will be blacklisted from the site permanently,
    and will not be allowed to participate even anonymously -- don't risk it.

    Also, do not post messages on a member's public profile page with your e-mail
    address in it
    (i.e. asking for pics to be sent to your e-mail) -- instead send the member
    a private message from their profile page and feel free to include your e-mail address
    in the private message -- I want to make sure this site doesn't become a haven for
    spambots trolling the internet looking for e-mails to send spam to -- they just use
    up bandwidth and resources.


    You are free to post pics however you'd like, but as a rule of thumb, please try
    to label the post correctly.

    For example, if you post in the anonymous category of the site, please label your
    post as "Anonymous Contribution: <alias or first name>" where "alias or first name"
    is your alias on the site (your member ID), or your first name or first letter of your first
    name.  Likewise if you post in the shared category which is only viewable to members,
    please post your pics in this manner: "Shared Contribution: <alias or first name>" again,
    where "alias or first name" is your member ID or first name or first letter of your first name.


    You're free to post whatever you'd like but as a rule of thumb, please try to stay on topic,
    this is a site that celebrates the female form, and encourages women to have confidence
    in themselves.

    So posting something about how beautiful a woman's breasts might be is welcome, but
    not generally on-topic; posting something about women who used their first amendment
    right to display their breasts publicly is welcome as well, but not really on-topic.

    Posting something about a porn site is probably as far off-topic as you can get, unless said
    porn site or video is showing a woman who has large labia, long labia, thick labia or impressive
    labia for example (impressive is subjective, use your discretion).

    More importantly, stick to the right category!

    PICS: Anonymous or shared categories.

    VIDEOS: Shared category ONLY.

    (We don't need perverts coming here only to view videos -- they can go to or other sites for that)

    LINKS: General category.

    QUESTIONS: Questions category.

    Sexuality Discussions among multiple members: Labia Lovers category (exception. . .if the topic started as a question).

    If things are mis-categorized, I will go behind you and move it to the appropriate category.

    Otherwise, let's celebrate the female form, and engage our sexuality.
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