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Eating Out - Dave and Julie story
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    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member
    It was a warm summer evening. Dave drove the car onto the hotel forecourt and parked close to the restaurant entrance. It was a quiet night, only three other cars were parked, and they could see through the windows that the other guests were already having their meals.

    Julie was wearing a summer dress and looked very seductive; because of the thin shoulder straps she had opted not to wear a bra.

    They left the car and walked into the hotel and went along to the restaurant where the restaurant manager greeted them.

    “Good evening, sir” he said. “Do you have a reservation”?  “Yes, Smith for 9 o’clock” Dave answered. They were ushered towards their table at the rear of the room. The table was in a cubicle so that they had their backs to the rest of the guests. It was well laid and had a damask tablecloth on it, which almost touched the ground at the front.

    Dave and Julie sat down, ordered a drink and perused the menu. After about 5 minutes they ordered their meal.

    While they were waiting they chatted about Dave’s love of bikes, Julie’s kids and their respective lives in general. They laughed a lot and Dave noticed Julie’s eyes lighting up more and more as the conversation went on. Then their meals arrived and they began to eat.

    The conversation went further during the meal and they ordered a couple more drinks. By the time the dessert was finished it was 10:30. They decided to have a coffee to finish the evening off.

    Dave had just taken a sip of his coffee when he felt something on his leg. He looked at Julie and noticed an impish smile on her face. She started to run her now bare foot up and down his leg, almost reaching his crotch. It felt divine as her foot gently caressed his inner thighs. “I’ve got a surprise for you, Dave. Pretend to drop your napkin and look under the table”.

    Dave dropped his napkin and bent down and poked his head under the tablecloth and gasped. Julie was sitting in her chair with her dress pulled up to her waist, legs slightly parted and……… knickers. “Oh my God”. Dave came back up with a smile on his face to match the one Julie had.
    She had started to rub Dave’s thigh again with her toes. “What made you do that?” Dave asked. “Just had an urge. I was so wound up. When I went to the loo just now, I took them off. Did you like what you saw”? . “Yeah, pity we’re in a restaurant. Little Dave has just woken up and wants to be let out”.

    Julie looked around the restaurant. The other guests were gone and the restaurant manager was making up the balance, bent over his table with his back to them. “Hang on Dave”. Julie deftly slid off her chair and disappeared from view.

    Dave almost jumped up as he felt Julie undoing his fly under the table. She slowly undid his belt, lowered the front of his undies and took out Little Dave, cupping his balls as she did so. Dave quickly began to harden, and Julie started to softly lick the top of his cock in a circular motion, working her way down to the rim of his helmet and then back up again. Dave moved himself into a position that gave Julie a bit more room to manoeuvre and Julie took him into her mouth. She sucked up and down his cock, massaging him with her tongue whilst she played with his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them and feeling him move with pleasure. He was very hard indeed by now and the tension of being “eaten” in a restaurant had excited him a bit too much. He wanted so much to join in the fun and feel and see Julie.

    He tapped on the table “Julie…….Julie…Oh god !!!…….come back up”. Julie slowly moved off Dave’s cock, giving it a last kiss before she came out from under the table and sat down again. “Didn’t you like that, then” she asked pouting her lips and making then tremble, pretending to by unhappy. “Oh, I liked it all right, but in the middle of the restaurant!!! I mean, what would have happened if the guy had come over and asked something”.

    “But Dave….I’m all wet now”. Julie was pouting again, trying to stop herself from laughing. “What can we do about that? I don’t think you’ll hold out much longer either, and it’s an hour’s drive back to my place” Julie said.

    Dave put his parts back in his trousers and did himself up. He turned and called over to the restaurant manager. “Excuse me, can I ask you something”. The man turned, stood up and came over to the table. “Yes sir, would you like the bill”?

    Dave smiled. “Yes, the bill, and I wanted to ask if you have a room for the night. We’ve probably had one too many to drive back safely now. I’d hate to have something happen on the way home”.

    The manager nodded and went off to ask at the reception.

    “You don’t mind, do you” Dave asked Julie. “No, I certainly don’t. The way I feel now I’d have probably grabbed you outside anyway. Christ, I want you”. Julie’s eyes were wide and the impish smile was back.

    The manager returned. “We do have a room for you, and I’ve taken the liberty to have the meal put on the same bill, sir”.
    Dave and Julie stood up and Dave gave the manager a tip for the extra service. Then they walked out of the restaurant towards the reception.

    At the desk Dave filled out the forms and paid for dinner and the room. Dave and Julie then went up in the lift to their room and Dave opened the door and walked in with Julie close behind. Dave went over to the bed and felt it. “Nice and soft” said Dave and turned towards Julie. What he saw made him catch his breath.

    Julie was standing about six feet away and as he turned he was just in time to see her summer dress drop to the ground around her ankles.

    She stepped daintily out of her fallen dress and walked over to Dave and, putting her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately on the mouth, her tongue exploring greedily.  Julie gyrated against Dave’s groin and he could feel her hard, erect nipples through his shirt as she pressed her breasts against his chest.

    She broke away and took a step back, looking him up and down, her gaze stopping at the obvious bulge in his trousers. “Well, I take it that’s not your hanky, so you must be pleased with what you see” she said, smiling. Julie moved back towards Dave and started to undo his shirt buttons. His shirt was soon off and lying on the floor behind him. They started to kiss again and Julie continued to undress him. She undid his belt and zip and let his trousers fall round his ankles. Dave seemed to do a little dance, removing his shoes and trousers and kicking them away. Julie broke the kiss again and went down on her knees before him. Her fingers hooked themselves in his undies and slowly pulled them down, releasing the tension on Dave’s erect cock and she watched it bob up and down a couple of times before it settled protruding towards her face.

    Julie ran her fingers up the insides of Dave’s thighs and gently over his balls and back down again. She did this a few times, loving the way Dave’s cock reacted as it tensed with enjoyment. Julie opened her mouth and gently took the head between her lips and sucked softly. With one hand she gently stroked his cock, while massaging his balls with the other and running her fingers over his thighs. Dave moaned softly as he felt Julie doing such a good job.

    She now took his whole cock in her mouth and, using her tongue, massaged it over it’s entire length, sucking so gently, then licking it, running her tongue around the rim. Dave gasped a little, enjoying it so much.

    Dave’s legs were getting a bit weak. Luckily Julie noticed too and stopped her sucking, allowing to him to relax.

    Julie went over to the bed and sat on the foot-end, then lay back on the bed and spread her legs slightly, affording Dave a view of her well shaven pussy, her moist lips glistening in light being given off by the side table lamp.

    Now it was Dave’s turn to drop to his knees.

    He took Julie’s knees in his hands and spread her legs wider and lifted them over his shoulder, letting her feet rest on his back. Julie’s pussy lips parted slightly, as if it where welcoming Dave’s attention.

    He leant forward, feeling her heat against his face, and smelt her fragrance, sweet and heavy. He started to lick the edges of her lips, up and down, soft and gentle. Julie moaned and took her breasts in her hands, kneading them and pulling her nipples to help them harden, something that didn’t need much help as they quickly became erect and responsive to her touch.

    Dave continued to softly lick Julie’s labia, making sure not to touch her clitoris with his tongue or enter her pussy at this point. His fingers ran over her stomach and he felt her twitch at his touch. Then he returned to her thighs. Julie was still massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples, pinching them gently and writhing slowly with her hips, trying to get Dave’s tongue to run over her clit, but Dave was following her movements and was not going to be easily misled.

    Julie’s moans started to get louder as Dave’s tongue slowly worked its way closer to her clit. He touched it softly with the tip of his tongue and Julie moaned with pleasure. He started to lick her clitoris, massaging it and running his tongue down and flicking it in and out of her pussy. Julie’s gyrations became faster, and she squeezed her nipples harder, pulling on them at the same time. Dave continued to lick her, and every now and again he sucked on her clit, feeling how hard it had become, how wet it all was round her pussy.

    Dave brought a hand up to Julie’s pussy, licked the fingers, and gently inserted a finger into her vagina, moving it round and in and out slowly. Julie missed a breath as she felt the finger gliding in, and then groaned as Dave put a second finger in. Dave was still licking her lips and clit as he explored the inside of her pussy, using the motion of her hips to help heighten the sensation. He curled his fingers up towards the area of her vagina just below her clitoris. Now he could use his tongue to push down on her clit while his fingers supported it from inside. As Dave licked and massaged Julie’s clit, he pushed down on it, feeling the response of Julie’s body as it writhed and bounced at his touch.

    Julie’s breathing was loud and she started to gasp as Dave kept licking and sucking and pushing on her clitoris. He brought his other hand up and took over massaging one of her breasts and nipples. Julie put her now free hand on the back of Dave’s head and pushed it against her clitoris, increasing the pressure on it as she felt her stomach and pussy muscles start to contract. She brought her legs, which had been resting on Dave’s back, up into the air, feeling the tension in her thighs.

    Dave rolled the nipple he had between his fingers, licked her clitoris vigorously and finally sucked hard on it. All of Julie’s muscles tightened and she arched her back as a pure sensation of ecstasy flooded though her body and she held her breath momentarily before exhaling and moaning as she came, and came, and came. She Pushed Dave’s head against her pussy, trying to extract every possible bit of orgasm out of her body. At last Dave felt Julie relax and sink back against the bed, gasping and trying to catch her breath.

    Dave stood up and climbed onto the bed, lying down next to Julie. They kissed passionately and ran their fingers lovingly over each other, resting and letting their bodies recharge.

    Julie’s hands ran down Dave’s back and over his buttocks, then round to his stomach and down towards his cock. She ran her fingers up and down Dave’s cock and noticed it starting to harden. Julie pushed Dave onto his back and kneeled next to him, and started to kiss his chest, taking his nipples between her lips alternately. She moved down slightly and kissed his stomach, continuing down until she met his aroused cock. Julie cupped his balls with one hand and massaged them gently while she started to lick the tip of Dave’s dick. She ran her tongue over his head and round the rim, and enjoyed the sensation of his bobbing cock against the roof of her mouth. Julie took all of him in her mouth now, sucking and rising up along his shaft and then down again, using her tongue to massage him. Dave could feel the pleasurable contractions in his groin starting to well up. When she felt she had aroused him enough, Julie stopped. She swung one leg over Dave so that she straddled!
      him, with her hot and wet pussy hovering over his shaft. She could feel herself throbbing inside with anticipation.
    Julie leant forward, supporting herself with one hand and, holding Dave’s cock in the other, guided it towards her clit, rubbing Dave’s cock against it, then, sliding it between her pussy lips, she took it back towards her vagina. Julie straightened up, Dave’s cock now with just the tip inside her, perfectly positioned. Slowly, ever so gently, Julie started to lower herself onto Dave’s shaft, taking it in, feeling it fill her pussy. Halfway down, she stopped and rose again, and loved the sensation of his cock sliding against her pussy. Then she lowered herself again, deeper and deeper, until Dave was fully inside her.

    Julie began to rise and fall, finding her rhythm as she enjoyed the feeling of her vagina being massaged so sweetly. Dave’s hands came up to hold her breasts and squeeze them gently, an action that was greeted with more moans of pleasure, especially when Dave pinched her nipples.

    Julie was riding him faster now, not just up and down, but also back and forth, trying to get Dave’s cock to touch her all over inside. Dave held on to her nipples, holding them so that Julie initiated the pulling by moving back. She slowed down a little, then rose slowly off Dave and took his hand.

    She pulled him up and led him to the side table. She leant forward, grabbing the table by the sides, and turned her head  to him. “Take me from behind, pleeeeeese”. Dave took his cock, still wet from her pussy, and carefully positioned himself. He gently eased his cock against her and felt it slowly work its way inside. “Yes, yes, yes” Julie cried. Dave moved in and out, noticing how much Julie loved this. He grasped a breast with one hand and leant against the wall with his other. Julie moved one hand down to her groin and rubbed her clit, pushing a finger into her pussy to wet it and rub some more. Julie’s head was bobbing as she fingered and rubbed herself, her moans coming in quick succession. Then she pulled herself off Dave’s cock again. Julie turned and stepped to the bed and fell back on the mattress, legs wide and in the air. “Finish it here”.

    Dave climbed on her and eased his cock inside her, her finger back were it had been just a few seconds ago, round her pussy and all over her clit. Dave moved in and out, slowly at first, but soon speeding up, as Julie rubbed her clit. Their moans started to come in unison now as the tempo built up and they both climbed towards fulfilment. Julie was still fingering her clit and playing with her nipples when she felt herself tighten again, her muscles contracting. Dave felt it too as her pussy began to spasm. Dave increased the speed of his thrusts, his stomach contracting as well, Julie’s finger rubbing her clit faster and faster, both of them moaning and gasping, calling out each others name. Then Dave knew it was only a matter of seconds. He squeezed, pinched and pulled on Julie’s nipple and thrust himself deep inside her as her pussy started to vibrate with pleasure and she arched her back as Dave came. She felt his cock explode inside her, filling her with his warm fluid as she contracted her pussy around his cock, squeezing as much of it into her. Dave drove deep inside her one last time as he came, and came again.

    Dave flopped over on top of Julie. “Leave it in me” she said, bringing her legs up onto his back and crossing them as her orgasm went on, then slowly ebbed away. She was still twitching. Then her pussy muscles relaxed.

    They kissed  tenderly and soft, exploring each others bodies one last time before drifting off into a deep and restful sleep.

    -- Source: Internet
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  • That was awesome!!
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    Very Nice @himu  !!!

    Bert :-}

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    mmmhh... nice...
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    Excellent story!

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