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    You found this site either as a result of one of our partner
    sites, were invited or because you were thinking about a "labiaplasty". . .

    Please browse our site, and find encouragement.

    There is nothing "wrong" with you and the men and women
    who are members of this site will help you to understand that.

    Decide to become a member, or just browse around and get
    a feel for things without being a member -- either way it is a
    no-pressure environment, and you are free to do as you please.

    If you have questions/concerns or otherwise, please contact me here:


    What You Can View:

    You can only view the anonymous and general categories.

    Posting Pics Anonymously:

    Simply send your pics to and they will
    be posted in the anonymous category for all to see (although your
    identity will be kept secret).  Further only actual members will be
    able to leave comments/feedback on your pics.

    Posting Pics Privately:

    Simply send your pics to and let me know
    you'd prefer to have your pics posted privately for only our members
    to see and comment on in the "Shared Category" -- I will then send
    you a special link that will allow you to view member comments and
    honest feedback on your pics, without having to become a member
    of the site.  The shared category is only viewable to members.

    Viewing Pics:

    You'll be able to view only thumbnails of pics -- not the actual
    full-size images.

    How To Participate:

    Just become a member -- it's free and you'll be part of a community
    designed to celebrate the female form, and uplift women who are insecure
    about their labia or get feedback from other men and women about their
    experiences with their labia or that of the labia of women they are involved
    with or have been involved with in the past.


    What You Can View:

    You can view all site content freely.

    Posting Pics Anonymously:

    Simply send your pics to and they will

    be posted in the anonymous category for all to see (although your

    identity will be kept secret).

    If you prefer to post semi-anonymously (having your username associated
    with pics that you post), you can simply post pics to the Anonymous
    category and they will be available for all to see, but only members will
    be able to comment on your pics.

    Posting Pics Privately:

    Simply post your pics in the Shared category to get honest feedback
    and comments from site members.  This category is only available to
    members, so no one will be able to see your pics in this category except
    members of the site.

    Viewing Pics:

    You'll be able to view the full-size images, upload images, and download
    images if you prefer.

    How To Participate:

    Participate in any way you see fit. . .this is a no-pressure experience
    and was created for you to feel at ease, ask questions about your labia
    or sexuality, and get honest feedback from real people with real life experiences
    who can be point you in the right direction and maybe help you understand
    why surgery isn't necessary for your labia -- you just have to learn to not
    be ashamed of them anymore, and the members of this site will help you
    do just that, because they are women with large labia who have overcome
    their insecurities, and men who love labia, both large and small, and who
    are here to help you feel more accepting of yourself.


    The Labia Lovers Category is only available to members and it's purpose
    is to allow open discussion between members about labia, or sexuality in
    general, possibly exchange contact information with one another (if you feel
    comfortable doing this -- no one sees this category except members, and you
    are encouraged to speak freely).  To start a conversion with a member, simply click
    on the member's profile that interests you, and you'll be able to contact them through
    the site (similar to sending a Facebook message) to get things started, you can also
    keep your contact information private until you feel comfortable exchanging information
    with another member -- in fact you're encouraged to do this, since sending messages
    through the site allows you to stay anonymous to the other member until you feel that
    you are ready to exchange personal information with another member.

    Guys, I ask that you be courteous -- no means no.

    Don't harass any of our ladies, or I'll politely have to close your account -- this is
    a no-pressure environment, so let the ladies contact you first if they are so inclined. ;)

    Click one of the Discussions link at the top of the page to get started!
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    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
    Want to post your labia pics anonymously to get honest feedback from real people?? Click here.
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