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Seducing My Roommate by shakaboom94
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    Seducing My Roommate
    by shakaboom94

    Was there anything else I could do? There hasn't been a day I haven't thought about fucking the absolute hell out of her. There hasn't been a day I didn't wish for her to walk in on me getting off to her. There hasn't been a day I haven't gotten off to the thought of her anyway. So when she came on to me, what was I to do? I could ignore it like all the other times I've done or I could actually act on it. Hell, I've been feeling this wound up since a certain Christmas party mid-December. What did I have to lose anyway?

    The plan to seduce her in a way she'd never forget was already forming in my head. The countless office scenarios running through my head I've pushed away for a long time were coming back to me with a vengeance. I couldn't though. I decided to go for a more practical place, home. It was just more convenient.

    She was coming home late, but not too late. Perfect. Deciding to go for my best outfit; a little red dress which showed just enough cleavage to still be a tease for anyone who'd see me in it, my sexiest lacy underwear and the fishnets I never actually got the chance to wear.

    She came home exactly 10 o'clock. Grabbing her hand before she could reach the lightswitch in the hall I quickly spun her around and pushed her face first against the wall. 'Comply.' I said to her. Maybe she was too shocked to disagree. Maybe she wanted me to do this for a long time, who knows. Guiding her to a chair I dragged to the livingroom earlier I motioned for her to sit down. She couldn't see a thing, I purposely left the lights off.

    My eyes had gotten used to the darkness pretty quick. Straddling her I pressed my lips against hers. Soon her hands found their ways on my ass, gently stroking as my tongue explored her mouth. I loved how she tasted. Breaking our kiss for a moment I took the opportunity to pull her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. Deciding I might as well strip her now I was at it soon all of her clothes found the floor, except her underwear.

    Walking away from her to flick the switch I'd finally let her see me. I didn't turn it on for her pleasure though, although the sight of her admiring my outfit possibly turned me on more. She just sat there, motionless, as I walked back to where she was. Swaying my hips in a seductive way I finally got to her. I could smell her arousal. Hell, I could see her arousal. She was quite a sight to behold, nipples hard as a rock and the beginnings of a soaking wet pussy were starting to show. I guess these few months have been hard on her as well. It was a great feeling knowing I could finally shut her up.

    I had decided she'd had enough gawking at me for now. Reaching out for her nipples I rolled them between thumb and index finger and, sure enough, her eyes were soon closed in pleasure. Alternating between rolling, gentle pinching and licking I could tell she was getting impatient. I was holding back as well. There was nothing I wanted more to shove her pants to the side and use my tongue to explore every inch of that sweet pussy of hers, but I knew that this foreplay would be worth it.

    Sucking a nipple in my mouth as I swirled the hard tip with my tongue I moved my hands to her inner thighs. Stroking up and down her thighs, getting dangerously close to her pussy with every stroke. I'm not even sure she knew she was doing it, but every time I got close I could see her buck her hips just ever so slightly. Tracing over the front of her pants I could feel how wet she was. Finding her hard clit through her pants wasn't difficult. Giving the pulsing nub only a stroke or two I went back to stroking her outer lips, much to her displeasure. I was absolutely intend on having her beg once I was done teasing.

    I could feel her hands finding the back of my head, urging me towards her wet cunt. Taking her hands I put them back to her side, carrying on with my wicked ways. 'Lift up.' I said, grabbing her underwear and taking it off as she did as she was told. Grabbing her legs I urged them apart, admiring how wet I actually had made her. Running my index finger from her clit down her slit I could have sworn I heard her utter a desperate whimper. The poor thing.

    Finally letting her hands push my head into her cunt I began my work. My tongue seeks out her clit, licking around it but never quite near it for it to be very effective. She's moaning by now, ofcourse she is. Suddenly I push inside of her, using one, then two fingers as I latch onto her clit and start sucking it into my mouth. There's nothing hotter than hearing a woman start to lose it as you suck her clit and hit just the right spot with your fingers. Slowing myself down, not wanting to rush this, I eased down a bit. I didn't want her coming too soon, it'd ruin the fun for me.

    I loved doing this. Bringing her so close to the edge and then easing her down again. It must've been so very frustrating for her. I knew exactly where to hit her, where her sweet spot was and how to work it. I knew how much pressure I had to apply where and when, it was probably excruciating for her. Excruciating, but mighty exciting I can imagine.

    'Please... please, just make me come'. Ah, finally. She'd had enough. How I'd been longing to hear those words escape her full lips. Her desperation was exhilarating. 'You've been teasing me for far too long, Liggins. I can't give you a quick and dirty orgasm now, as much as I'd love to feel your cunt tighten around my fingers as you shake with your violent orgasm. It'd be a waste of time, you know that, right?' Replacing my fingers with her tongue I could feel her juices flowing down my chin. She was ready. Hell, she was so ready. 'Oh... P-please.' She stuttered.

    It would be cruel to keep her from letting go any longer. Letting my fingers slide inside her again I curved my fingers and watched the expression on her face as her eyes rolled back. Licking her clit I knew it was only a matter of seconds before she'd have a powerful orgasm. And boy, did she. Arching her back she failed to silence a series of moans. Her pussy were grasping my fingers and as she came I could feel her get possibly even wetter.

    This was only the beginning....
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  • nice @himu
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    Beautiful @himu buddy... go on...
    :D :D
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  • Great story! turn my imagination on :)

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