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Coffee Break by athenamystique
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    Coffee Break
    by athenamystique

    She called him at the office.

    "Meet me at the coffee house in 15," she ordered sweetly, then hung up the phone. He held his phone in his hand for a moment before placing it back on his desk.

    It was two o'clock and his coworkers were still in their after-lunch lull.

    "How about some coffee on me?" He offered, precipitating his escape.

    Henry got on the elevator, pressing the L button harder than necessary. His hand tapped a nervous rhythm against his pant leg. He was alone in the elevator but felt like he was being watched. His anxiety built up as the elevator descended from the twentieth floor. The doors opened upon the lobby and he was temporarily blinded by the sunshine streaming through tall glass windows. It felt more reassuring than the fluorescence of the elevator, providing him a momentary burst of courage.

    Henry walked hastily to the coffee shop down the street. It had opened a month ago and quickly became a favorite. The seating area was populated with plush leather chairs and dark wooden tables with rustic iron legs. The countertop was a beautiful slab of hardwood and, combined with the dim lighting, provided a cozy ambiance to the shop. The details extended to the bathrooms where a large mirror in an ornate wooden frame hung above the sink and countertop, complemented by the roughly hewn iron sconces on the wall.

    He spied Elena sitting in the chair closest to the women's bathroom. Her legs were crossed tightly, her hand fiddling with the hem of her skirt. Henry knew she was already wet from the idea of what they were doing. He'd seen her cross her legs that way, thinking it would help her control her desires, the attempt at feigned chastity lost.

    She glanced up as he walked by, signaling that the bathroom was unoccupied with a nod. He walked into the women's bathroom briskly, hoping no one had noticed, trying to release the remaining anxiety. A moment later, she entered and locked the door behind her.

    Henry pressed Elena up against the locked door, forcefully kissing her. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her panties followed. She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and freed his erection from his boxers. They each stepped out of the clothes gathered at their ankles, kicking them to the side without breaking their embrace. They'd perfected that move after months of harried after-work sex, neither wanting to stop long enough to get properly undressed.

    Elena massaged Henry's balls in her hands as his mouth traveled to her neck, leaving a warm trail of kisses. He nibbled on her shoulder as he quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and allowed his mouth to wander to the tops of her breasts.

    Elena enjoyed being pressed up against the hard wooden door as she felt Henry's tongue trail along her breasts. His hands pulled her bra down and he lowered his mouth to her nipple, gently biting one then the other She stroked his dick, wanting to feel more of it. She pushed against him and turned, forcing him up against the door.

    Elena crouched down and took the head of his dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip as she ran her nails down his inner thigh. He moaned with pleasure, leaning back on the door, as she took each of his balls in her mouth while stroking his shaft.

    Elena had a double motive. The mid-day quickie was incentive of its own, however she wanted Henry to agree to have sex in public places more often. It had taken weeks to convince him that they wouldn't get caught in the coffee shop and she wanted to make sure it would be so exciting she could suggest a fitting room or park rendezvous next. She knew all the little things he enjoyed and planned to put as many into action as she could.

    She took his dick in his mouth, teasing him with her tongue, as he grabbed her hair in encouragement. His moans were getting closer together and she knew he was enjoying the possibility of getting caught.

    Elena worked her mouth up and down Henry's length, tightening her lips around his dick, then slowed down, sucking hard on the head of his cock, causing him to gasp audibly. She squeezed his balls, let his dick fall from her mouth, and stood up. She looked him in the eye, then walked over to the sink. She watched him follow her, saw him stare at her ass as he came toward her. He reached around her and began fingering her clit as he watched her reaction in the mirror. He grabbed her throat and lifted her head until their eyes met. Elena smiled, she ground her ass up against him as he increased the pressure on her clitoris.

    Elena was excited to finally be seeing this fantasy into fruition and Henry was not disappointing. She could feel his hardness behind her, longed to feel it within her. Henry relieved the pressure on her clit and penetrated her with two fingers as his dick rubbed between her round ass cheeks. Elena was so wet, they slid in easily. He bit her neck and removed his fingers. Henry drove his dick into her, causing her to push back with her hips. He grabbed them, thrusting as deep as he could into her wetness.

    Elena's excitement was turning Henry on even more. He felt foolish for having waited so long to acquiesce. Besides, he should've known she was going to get her way somehow. Henry's hand traveled up Elena's body, feeling the curve of her waist, her ribcage, and over her breast. His other hand returned to her clit, eliciting a loud moan. He looked in the mirror, she was biting her lip, attempting to remain quiet. Her eyes begged him to continue. He pinched her nipple hard and watched as she opened her mouth in surprise.

    Henry let go of her breast and raised Elena's right knee onto the counter. She stuck her ass out further to balance herself. He grabbed her hips as he watched his dick entering her from behind. He didn't know how much longer he was going to last with such stimulation.

    Henry pulled out, turned around, and got down on his knees, the back of his head leaning against the edge of the countertop, his hands separating Elena's pussy lips. His tongue flicked at her clit. Elena gasped. She loved the way Henry ate pussy. He teased her, circling around her clit and then sucking it entirely into his mouth, increasing the speed of undulations. He let his tongue slip into her pussy, exploring her inner contours as she was squirmed against his face. He slipped two fingers into her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth so hard Elena yelped, pressing her pussy harder against his mouth.

    Henry pulled his fingers out and ran them down Elena's inner thigh, leaving a trail of her wetness. He blew on it, causing her shiver. Henry stood up, kissing and biting up Elena's back, his hands on either side of her body. Henry turned Elena around. Her arms continued to brace her against the countertop. He picked up her legs, which she instinctively wrapped around him as he began to thrust relentlessly into her pussy. He held her hips, maintaining their forceful tempo. He was ready to come and he wanted to watch her as he did.

    "Oh my god," Elena muttered under her breath. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as Henry took it all in: the curve of her body away from the countertop, the motion of her breasts, the arch of her back reflected in the mirror. Henry picked her up and Elena wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued to drive his dick into her. He bounced her up and down his length as Elena grew louder. He knew this was a position she often fantasized about.

    "Aye, aye, oh my god," she repeated, "fuck," she whimpered. Henry pulled her down hard on his dick as he climaxed, sending her over the edge.

    "Fuck!" she yelled. Elena always had a problem staying quiet.

    Henry carried her over to the sink, sitting her back down on the countertop. He kissed her passionately, his arms around her back, pulling her into him. She kept her legs wrapped around him as she sucked his tongue into her mouth.

    "Mmm," she moaned as he pulled away. "Promise we can do that again."

    Henry had no problem agreeing.
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    Nice, I need to get coffee like this!
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    Wow !!!

    Nice Coffee Break !!!

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    Good one!

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