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Do you like yours with foreskin or without foreskin
  • Vote Up2Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    I thought this would be a good topic since it's always a constant question as to which is better: a circumcised or uncircumcised man. Now I personally have never had a man who was still, 'intact' but I am curious to see if there's any difference with a, cut man so to speak. I've heard some women say that they don't like the look of it, calling it a , "turtle neck." Some women have said that they prefer a clean cut. Then there are other women who complain about uncircumcised men being unhygienic.

    However even with the negative commentary there are some positive notes: some women say that the foreskin allows them to maintain their lubrication where as circumcised men are pretty much scraping out the woman's natural lubrication. Their have been comments saying that un-cut men are more sensitive and easier to get off because off the extra nerves.

    Personally, I think un-cut penises are adorable looking. You pull back the skin and there's a little surprise waiting for some attention-the head. I don't see what the big deal is about the look. In most cases once the man is fully erect the skin pulls back to look just like a man who is cut. As for hygiene, if your man isn't that clean down there, take a shower with him-you'll both me clean and get a nice handjob going on. Everyone wins.

    I would love to try an un-cut man simply for the variety. I've always wondered how durable the foreskin is and how careful you have to be with it. I'm assuming it's similar to a woman's clitoral hood.

    Do any female members have any insight on preferences for un-cut or cut penises? Please give some feedback :)
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
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  • Vote Up1Vote Down xxl4skinxxl4skin
    160.91 Karma Points [?]Message xxl4skinPosts: 1,270Senior Member Accepted Answer
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In male human anatomy, the foreskin is a double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis and protects the urinary meatus when the penis is not erect. It is also described as the prepuce, a technically broader term that also includes the clitoral hood in women, to which the foreskin is embryonically homologous. The foreskin is fairly stretchable, and acts as a natural lubricant.

    The foreskin is typically retractable
    over the glans, and depending on its length, which varies between
    males, it may remain covering the glans whether the penis is flaccid or
    erect. Research found that 95% of males were able to fully retract their
    foreskin by adulthood.

    The World Health Organization
    states that functions of the foreskin include "keeping the glans moist,
    protecting the developing penis in utero, or enhancing sexual pleasure
    due to the presence of nerve receptors." The foreskin may become subject
    to a number of conditions, treatments for which can include circumcision, whereby some or all of the foreskin is surgically removed. This procedure is most commonly elected for religious reasons. Regular washing under the foreskin was found to reduce the risk of numerous penile disorders.

    he Royal Australasian College of Physicians
    has stated that the foreskin protects the glans, and that "the foreskin
    is a primary sensory part of the penis, containing some of the most
    sensitive areas of the penis.
    The effects of circumcision on sexual
    sensation however are not clear, with reports of both enhanced and
    diminished sexual pleasure following the procedure in adults and little
    awareness of advantage or disadvantage in those circumcised in infancy." The Royal Dutch Medical Association
    (2010) states that many sexologists view the foreskin as "a complex,
    erotogenic structure that plays an important role ‘in the mechanical
    function of the penis during sexual acts, such as penetrative
    intercourse and masturbation’."

    In children, the foreskin usually covers the glans completely, but not
    always in adults. Schöberlein (1966) conducted a study among 3000 young
    men from Southern Germany, found that 49.6% had the glans fully covered
    by foreskin; 41.9% partially covered; 8.5% uncovered - around half of
    which (4%) have the foreskin atrophied spontaneously without previous
    surgery.[16] During erection,
    the degree of foreskin retraction varies considerably; in some adults,
    the foreskin remains covering the glans until retracted by sexual

    Phimosis can be treated by gently stretching the foreskin, by changing masturbation habits, using topical steroid ointments, preputioplasty, or by the more radical option of circumcision.

    long stretching is sexy
  • Vote Up1Vote Down lipslips
    46.61 Karma Points [?]Message lipsPosts: 195Contributor Accepted Answer
    I was in my late 30s when I saw my first uncut penis and was kind of taken aback by all that skin!  However, as I've had a few more partners who were intact and read more about it, I am way more pro-foreskin than before!  In terms of how sex feels for me, I don't know if there's a difference.  If it's a sexual organ for the man, then I'm all for him having it as long as he keeps it all clean.  Ironically, there's tons of evidence that circumcision can reduce the spread of HIV and many programs in Africa to circumcise adult men.  Not sure what to think--maybe they should have found a way to keep the foreskin and kill the virus?
  • Vote Up1Vote Down VaneyVaney
    8.92 Karma Points [?]Message VaneyPosts: 31Guest Accepted Answer
    As a 22-year-old woman, I am still in college I feel that I ‘haven’t had sex with many men. I have also noticed a great difference between circumcised men and intact men regarding sexual experience and satisfaction. Overall I have found that vaginal intercourse with intact men was more pleasant and satisfying.
    My first sexual experience with an intact man was completely eye opening. I never asked about this guy’s penis prior to having sex with him and I was actually a bit turned on to find out he was intact. It was something new to me and I was willing to let down my guard and give it a try. After that first experience my opinions of intact penises changed.
    The first major difference I discovered is that intact penises generally tend to be on the larger size compared to circumcised penises. I’ve never had to use any form of artificial lubricant while having sex with an intact man. My bits stayed lubricated as they were supposed to and sex did not have to halt because things were "dry."
    The sex was less "rough" and did not hurt with my intact partners. I had no vaginal soreness during or after sex. They were not thrusting so hard to feel some sort of friction and hurt me in the process. I have never had an orgasm comparable to what I can accomplish on my own, but sex with intact men has come very close. My orgasms have been extremely intense, more fulfilling, and more satisfying with intact men.
  • Vote Up1Vote Down krisfoenkrisfoen
    23.96 Karma Points [?]Message krisfoenPosts: 70Member Accepted Answer

    This is a subject close to my heart! Being natural
    (uncircumcised) myself I sometimes feel that on the  web we men with foreskin are sometimes
    subject to the same strange reactions and prejudices as women with large labia!
    In both cases the issue seems to be an incorrect perception that your genitals
    have more skin than is natural! And this predominantly seems to be encountered
    with American women who have never (or rarely) encountered an uncut cock either
    in real life or in photos/videos online. This is of course very much due to the
    US’s historic barbarism of carrying out male circumcision unnecessarily due to
    religious or simply traditional reasons. Apparently circumcision is the US is
    reducing in recent years but it seems to me its predominance has caused many
    American women to think foreskins are weird, gross, or disgusting. I have come
    across many forum posts, and even youtube videos stating this.

    In fact, in mainstream porn, foreskins have for a long time
    rarely been seen. Either cos the male performers were circumcised, or if not
    they only showed their dicks with their foreskins fully retracted. This caused
    me to some time ago start to seriously doubt whether my own cock was “normal””
    I have since realised it is, and foreskins are being shown in porn more and
    more frequently – even though it’s still quite rare other than in gay porn.

    However, it became a bit of a mission with me to “educate”
    people about this, so I started my own Tumblr blog which specifically focuses
    on erect penises with the foreskin unretracted. You can find my blog at . If anyone
    wants a quicker way to browse the images just go directly to the Archive page

    As a heterosexual male my main fascination is still of
    course with pussies, and particularly those with nice meaty labia minora, but I
    continue to look for foreskin images and add them to my blog regularly. Any
    comments/observations or other feedback always welcome.


  • Vote Up1Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    Thanks for the input, @krisfoen. I have to agree that it's a shame that American women (including myself) are deprived of seeing an even greater variety of penises because of some fad. It used to be that men were only circumsiced if they were Jewish, and now everyone is doing it.

    I will definitely take a look at your tumblr blog. Uncircumcised penises are so fascinating to me! They're adorable.
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member Accepted Answer

    This is interesting .

    I am uncircumcised & I take 1 to 2 showers a day .

    One before I go to work & another at work before I come home .

    Thank You @Eva

    Bert :-}

    Thanked by 1xxl4skin
  • Vote Up0Vote Down PussytonguemanPussytongueman
    34.31 Karma Points [?]Message PussytonguemanPosts: 136Member Accepted Answer
    Personally I like my uncut dick and I love when a woman play with her tongue and her lips on it. When she dick on it. When her tongue run between head and foreskin as head is covered. The feeling of a tongue sliding between my so blow up head and my fine foreskin is fantastic, amazing.

    As for hygiene it's not depend on foreskin but in how many time you clean yourself in a day ;)
    Who like my macaroons?
    Thanked by 1xxl4skin
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member

    @xxI4skin that is all very interesting , thank You for the lesson .

    Bert :-}

    Thanked by 2xxl4skin Vaney
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member
    Thank You @lips
  • Vote Up0Vote Down xxl4skinxxl4skin
    160.91 Karma Points [?]Message xxl4skinPosts: 1,270Senior Member
    ... a nice Girl work lovely on a Foreskin - its more Fun for all ;-)
    long stretching is sexy
    Thanked by 1Vaney
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member

    Well Thank You @Vaney !!!

    I am not circumcised & I am Thank Full & even more Thankful after reading what You Wrote !!!

    Bert :-}

    Thanked by 2Vaney xxl4skin
  • Vote Up0Vote Down VaneyVaney
    8.92 Karma Points [?]Message VaneyPosts: 31Guest

    font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif";mso-ansi-language:EN" lang="EN">As a woman, my
    foreskin is fun; it glides around during sex and makes the "getting"
    there more enjoyable. Thank you for writing on this subject!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down krisfoenkrisfoen
    23.96 Karma Points [?]Message krisfoenPosts: 70Member
    Eva said:

    Thanks for the input, @krisfoen. I have to agree that it's a shame that American women (including myself) are deprived of seeing an even greater variety of penises because of some fad. It used to be that men were only circumsiced if they were Jewish, and now everyone is doing it.

    I will definitely take a look at your tumblr blog. Uncircumcised penises are so fascinating to me! They're adorable.

    Thanks very much Eva. Would be interested to know of any on there you find particularly hot!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member

    Wow @krisfoen that's a lot of photo !!!

    Thank You for Doing what You are doing .

    When I was younger I also thought something was wrong with me .

    I was Born & Raised in the US .

    Thank You !!!

    Bert :-}

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