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Erotic Stories / Experiences (Large Labia Specific)
  • Vote Up1Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member
    I thought that we should have a section where people can submit Erotic Stories or Experiences regarding their or their partner's Large Labia...
    to start the section and quote an example I am copying a story from posted by Miss Treat SC1 all credit/copyright goes to her.
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2012-03-27 12:23:19
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member
    Link to the original story is here:
    Posted by Miss Treat SC1 a Female (40) from Spain.

    Big Pussy Lips

    This is my first post, but I felt I had to share with you my most unique bodily feature.

    Blessed or cursed? I know that there is a sad trend at the moment for
    some women to seek plastic surgery to amend their pussy lips!

    NOT ME.... I Love my long luscious pussy lips that hang down from my wet
    pussy. Of course when I was younger I had no idea that all women were
    not built the same down there!

    Until that is I got my first serious boyfriend. He was 29 and I was just
    18. When he first felt me he begged to have a proper look and with full
    lights on! He told me how beautiful my pussy was...of course I just
    thought he was saying all that to get what he wanted. This thing is I
    was wanting it too. I wanted to feel his hard cock bury deep inside me, I
    was quite simply gagging for it!

    But he just wanted to look at and finger and play with my felt a bit weird but I didn't complain.

    Then as he settled himself between my thighs he asked if he could kiss
    my sweet lips....I was quite niave to say the least and I had heard
    about blow jobs but I had no idea a man would wish to place his head
    between my legs!

    He knew this was the first time I had ever had such attention...and he
    was so very gentle with me. I melted to the very core of my being as he
    licked and sucked at my bushy muff, teasing my lips further and further
    from their soaking wet hole.
    I felt so odd just lying there having all this pleasure given to me and
    not needing to return anything. But he assured me that he was in heaven.
    He said that he had only ever seen a pussy like mine in porn magazines
    and had never dreamt of getting his hands on such a beautiful cunt.
    As he moaned with pleasure with his tongue and fingers probbing in and
    out of my dripping hole I could not believe the complete and utter
    pleasure that was building in me. Then all at once it was just too much
    to bear and I writhed in uncontrolable spasms and he knew exactly what
    was happening and he did not desist in his efforts. I honestly thought I
    would faint as the orgasm peaked then faded then peaked again and again
    and yet again, every next wave was more powerful than the one before. I
    felt that his hand would dissapear right up inside me. I was by this
    point begging for him to stop, to give me a break from this relentless
    rollercoaster of unbelievable pleasure.
    Some how I regained the use of my hands and gently pushed his head away
    while trying to close my legs....he got the message and withdrew his
    fingers but all the while just gently kissing and pulling at my large
    pussy lips. This was the wind down that I needed and the shivers of each
    suck reverberated through my body.
    I was totally and utterly exhausted, drained and yet in heaven.

    He snaked up my body with kisses and licks then presented his soaked
    fingers and asked if I wished to taste myself. Hesitantly I opened my
    mouth and as he rubbed his fingers around and inside me, now orally, I
    was struck by just how sweet and delicious my juice was. I loved it and I
    started to lick and suck all the juice from his fingers and hand. He
    watched intently and I could feel his hard cock grow harder and strain
    against my side.
    I wanted to kiss him and clean every bit of pussy juice from his face,
    mouth, lips and chin. I was like an animal as I licked and sucked his
    face and chin, I devoured the lot.
    Now I was refreshed and wanted more... much much more.
    And I knew he it and I knew that he wanted to feel my lips around his pussy lips that is!
    But that is another story.....Do you want to hear it?
    I'd love to hear what your experiences are with big long inner lips.
    I know it is a unique and hard to find feature... but I am so proud to
    have been blessed with such an attribute. I'll show them to anyone!

    Love & Best Wishes

    Miss Treat xXx
    Post edited by himu at 2012-02-05 06:49:34
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    399.48 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,967Site Administrator

    Very good story -- and thanks for paying tribute to the
    original author, and linking to her from this post, as I'm
    sure she'd appreciate it.

    Also thanks for starting this thread, I'm sure She for one
    will enjoy it, because I know she likes to write stories like
    this one. . . ;)
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member
    My poem:

    What's on my mind ... baby please get down on your knees/ my legs are spread/ yes I want you to go out like that/ lick my clit up suck it between your lips make me slurp, slurp, slurp me all up while I rub the top of your head like a brand new pup/ I know I keep grindin on your face I hear you gaspin for air....keep that shit down Ima about to cum to this mouth fuckin/ keep swallowin I'm flowin down your throat/ Now that I busted right down to the last drop you can go. Got a problem lick the bottom of my butt crack to the top now shut-up and let me watch you jack off then bounce! by She
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2012-02-07 16:12:51
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member

    Keep up...
    We gonna break this futon<
    Shit this sooo fun
    Bite that!
    Now spank it!
    Oh! Oh!
    Right there!
    Ma fucker
    Ha, ha
    My fucker
     Bust that baby
    Go deeper
     Taste my low and sweet treat
    Listen to our juices
    Two pussies
    My pussy and you
    Beggin me to stop
    Roll over!
    Now bitch call my name!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member
    Interesting ...sounds like a rap song... :-bd
    Post edited by himu at 2012-02-07 20:49:26
    Long Labia Lover -> Checkout some of my Threads below:
    Artistic & Erotic | Dominika | Andie | Carmen | Sofi A | Faye | Voluptuous Ladies | Slim & Sexy Ladies
  • Vote Up0Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    Here's my share of an erotic moment as promised, written by me on

    The Sneaky Sensations of Sassy Lips

    I just want to start off with-Happy New Year! It's 2011 and one of my resolutions were to encourage other women like myself that being big lipped with the forbidden fruit isn't shameful at all. In fact, it can be very thrilling! 

    Once during a college orientation, I had a sudden jolt of heat in my lady area and a tight spring in my stomach. The spring just kept getting tighter and tighter, as the heat spread. My lips were swelling past their normal prominently plump size. With each sensual pulse the space in my panties became less and less, the tension was suffocating. I had to bite back my urge to moan, for my parents were to my sides, and other scholarly strangers sharing the same room as I. All I could do was concentrate on my breathing, in and out. My finger tips were tapping the arm chair, only I wanted them to tap something else with a softer texture.  

    Then to make matters worse my hood was acting up. The layers were slowly being pulled back, bit by bit, and by my clit of all things-it was growing. I was surprised by such an introduction, my clit never makes it out of my hood. The tiny pink bead may be sensitive when stroked and engorge, but not enough to see the light of day. It was such a foreign sensation, my clit was finally going to crawl its way from its cage. The only sad part was I couldn't give it the attention it desired and worked for. If I got up to go to the bathroom my jeans, someone's chair or knee would rub against it and I wouldn't be able to control the vocal appreciation. All I needed was a moan, a small little fairy finger to magically find my pussy and take care of its whining. A simple stroke or press, but not a penetration that would be too much to handle. 

    So I sat there, barely listening to the Dean's speech with a growing wet spot in my panties, a needy clit, and fat lips. I thought to myself, what in the world caused this? 

    Tapping my foot for some vibrations, I thought, most of the guys here are gay so that's a major turn off, sure the guy I was talking to was attractive but not enough for this...Then it hit me, it was my jeans. They fitted nicely but the crotch area was a bit up there, pressing up against my lips. All day I've been walking around twisting, needing, pinching, stretching my labia, tickling them up against soft jeans and foldable chairs, crossing my legs and pressuring them and my clit more than usual. I've been masturbating this whole time without my own knowledge. 

    I sat there for another 20 minutes in pure ecstasy: my clit was fully grown and throbbing, my lips were dipped in wetness sliding back and forth on fabric. Every so often I would adjust my jeans and pull them up; I have a small waist so the action wasn't unfamiliar to my parents' eyes. But, boy did that little act do the trick. For each pull, the crotch area would stroke and open my lips brushing up against the heated core, pushing back my clit with its rough material. 

    It was a "Finger Fairy" so to speak, but the sensation was almost orgasmic. I wouldn't change that day at all because I'm proud of my labia and I know they love me back, why else would they chime in at the most boring lecture?

    Such good times with my lips and I ;)

    Post edited by Eva at 2012-02-22 19:11:55
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down JohnylipsJohnylips
    0.12 Karma Points [?]Message JohnylipsPosts: 39Member
    @Eva: Well done!  How can I possibly sit next to any woman at an assembly without wondering what might be happening in her mind, much less between her legs?  That is what I find so erotic about it, the idea that this ostensibly straight-faced woman could be incredibly aroused without my knowing it, and the occasional recollection that we're all naked beneath our clothes.  Your story is so human -- it happens to all of us, the sudden unbidden and almost uncontrollable sexual arousal.  Just a great story.  Two lips up!

    @She: I've never been mistaken for anything but male.  Accordingly, I'm used to being the aggressor.  But thinking of a woman in that role is not unappealing.  It's actually something of a relief, making me wonder if I perhaps have some latent sub tendencies.  Especially liked the first poem, since the unidentified party could at least theoretically be male (whether or not you intended it).  You also get an enthusiastic two lips up.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down mrmarquismrmarquis
    79.92 Karma Points [?]Message mrmarquisPosts: 828Senior Member
    Eva,  one of the true beauties, and true joys, of those gorgeous lips, is that you can exercise them almost anyplace.  You can take sexual pleasure in the middle of a crowd, without anyone else being aware.  You have the joy of taking your pleasure in public, at any time, while the public goes about it's business.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member
    Sexual Pleasures by She

    Leave the door open let them all see

    Push the Rover seat back

    You know what time it is

    You made me wait for 6 months

    No calls, no text

    You better believe I'm not going to stop

    Ignore your ringtone going off

    Is that your loves tone?

    Can you still hear it as I moan?

    Feel how my hips bounce to your heart beat

    Everyday you've been on my mind

    There's no need for no other

    You like when I squeeze ya hearty lil man

    I won't stop

    I can't stop givin you my tongue

    Your pants are down to your knees that fast

    Watch me flip around keepin Mr. Johnson steady

    My yoni is soakin ready

    See my perfect ass glistening from the moon light

    My hair coverin my back

    Go ahead baby smack that

    I love when you rub it down like its covered with cream

    Get ready baby I'm grippin the steering wheel

    That's right don't fight

    Follow my bounce

    Watch my cocoa backside bounce

    Keep up

    Make me beg you to stop

    Make me run away from you

    Pass out and wake-up

    Rubbin my mound wishin it was all a dream.

    Posted and written by She from my Android
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2012-02-24 10:29:54
    Thanked by 2LabiaLover Johnylips
  • Vote Up0Vote Down mrmarquismrmarquis
    79.92 Karma Points [?]Message mrmarquisPosts: 828Senior Member
    Very interesting stuff She.  Keep it coming.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down JohnylipsJohnylips
    0.12 Karma Points [?]Message JohnylipsPosts: 39Member
    @she: "
    See my perfect ass glistening from the moon light"  Why does this make my pants suddenly feel a little tighter?  I can see this in my mind's eye.  Beautiful!  And then I see my hands on her cocoa backside in the same moonlight.  See what you did there?  Just enough to let the imagination take over and run with it.  My thanks...   =D>
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover
  • Vote Up0Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    @She snap snap snap, that's what they do in the Jazz Clubs ;)
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover
  • Lol @Eva, I was just thinking I would love to hear these works performed at an open mike spoken word venue. Thank you for sharing, @She :)
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member
    Thank you guys!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member

    Taco Man Bell Grande

    Love that taco meat chest hair

    Makes me rub my clit

    Don't be a pussy feed me that taco man

    Dip it in my pussy drippin pussy juice

    Now eat that

    Slip that slim long Shillong in some sour cream

    Now come here so I can lick it all up

    Don't bust just yet

    Damn your a coca dream

    You're finger lickin good

    Ring my bell taco man

    Blow my back out with your Bell Grande

    May day, May day?

    Stop mumblin baby boy

    Age don't matta remember your words?

    So take that erection shit pay attention

    Did I mention we going raw

    Pick up ya jaw

    We goin hard like a taco supreme

    You with ya thick dick and taco meat chest

    Me with my luscious lips

    And tasty apple sweetened empanada pussay

    Oh Mercy! By She
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover

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