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Karma Points Quick Guide:
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50KP to 65.9KP = Established Member
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The New Karma System
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    409.43 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 2,008Site Administrator
    Hi everyone!

    I decided to implement something called a "Karma System" on the site.

    To find your "Karma Points" or "Karma Bank Balance", simply visit your own profile,
    and then click on the "Karma Bank" tab on your profile page, or take a look at the green digits next to your post.

    You can also find another member's "Karma Bank Balance" in this way.

    For now it can be used as a loose/rough guideline to gauge a level of "trust" between you and other members.

    I may even decide to allow you to use Karma Points to get special privileges on the site at some point (not sure).

    Now, I would also like to point out that the Karma System will also be used to determine if a member should be
    ejected from the site (due to multiple grievances or issues with other members, etc), since the only way you can
    lose Karma Points is to do something deemed to be against the General Site Rules.

    That said, once your Karma Points Balance runs into the negative, a vote will be taken amongst all the moderators,
    and if a majority suggests that you are more of a problem, than someone who is helpful on the site, you will be removed, and your account and membership on the site terminated indefinitely.

    For most members this will never become a problem.

    However, for problem members, this will help us as moderators to more easily identify members
    who cause problems or don't contribute to the site in positive ways.

    Here is how the point system works (keep in mind you can both *GAIN* points and *LOSE* points). . .

    How To Lose Karma Points:

    I'm covering this first because it requires a short and simple explanation.

    The only way you can LOSE or be TAXED for Karma Points is by a moderator.

    This will usually happen if you aren't abiding by the General Site Rules.

    How To Earn Karma Points:


    - Moderators and myself can both give and take away Karma Points.

    - If a moderator awards Karma Points it'll typically be 1 to 5 Karma Points depending on the merit or usefulness of what you've done.

    - If a moderator "taxes" you (removes Karma Points), likewise it'll also depend on what you did in order to be "taxed".

    - If you share pics (of yourself) you will earn 0.50 Karma Points for every Pic Shared

    - Sharing pics of others/artistic pics and so forth earns 0.30 Karma Points

    NOTE: You earn Karma Points every time you post pics (of yourself) and every time you post pics of others/artistic pics, etc. to get your points, just send me your pics to post or post them yourself and let me or a moderator know that you posted (point us to the thread), and we'll award you the respective Karma Points for the pics you've posted.  If you send your pics to me, likewise, I will also automatically award you the respective points.

    AUTOMATIC METHODS (subject to abuse checking by me and other moderators):

    - Every 10th discussion/question you post/ask earns you 1.5 Karma Points

    - Each visit to the site earns you 0.01 Karma Points

    - Every 50th visit earns you an additional 0.10 Karma Points.

    - Each comment you post earns 0.10 Karma Points

    - Every 50th comment earns you 1.5 Karma Points

    - Each time you accept an answer to a question you post, you earn 0.30 Karma Points

    - Each time your answer is accepted to a question you earn 1.5 Karma Points

    - Every 25th answer of yours accepted earns you 5 Karma Points

    - Every 100 posts you like earns you 0.25 Karma Points

    - Every 50th post of yours that's liked by someone else earns you 0.50 Karma Points


    - Add a profile pic of yourself (face or body) or a pussy you really like (not an object, a cartoon, etc.) earns you 2.5 Karma Points

    - Complete profile "About Me" section ("Edit My Details" link from your profile page) earns you 2.5 Karma Points

    NOTE: You cannot earn points for a completed "About Me" section without having a profile pic as well.  The two go hand in hand. ;)

    So there you have it folks!

    The simple, quick and easy "Karma Points" system explained.

    Now of course, the moderators and I are running this Karma Point system and may change things as we go along to determine if members are abusing the system or otherwise attempting to circumvent, and so forth.

    So keep in mind, point values may change, rules may change, etc.

    However, as long as you are following the General Site Rules, you will be perfectly fine, and you will never be at risk of having your membership completely revoked by one of us.

    To view a member's Karma Points, simply click on the member's name, and click on their "Karma Bank" and you'll
    be able to view their balance (it also shows up on the actual tab on their profile).

    Also, to make things a little easier we can call Karma Points, "KP" for short.

    So as a rule of thumb here are some general point values to go by when viewing other member profiles:

    Karma Point Balances between:

    0.01KP and 2.9KP = New Member or not yet trusted.

    3KP and 34.9KP = Regular Member.

    35KP and 49.9KP = Trusted Member.

    50KP and 65.9KP = Established Member.

    66KP and Higher = Senior Member and/or Site Moderator.

    Explanation of Member Status:

    New Members: Members who have only recently joined the site.  Trust is at your own discretion.

    Regular Member: Members who have met the minimum requirements, and likely have a profile pic and a completed "About Me" page.

    Trusted Member: Members who have an established track record, and likely regularly contribute to the site and are known by others.

    Established Member: Members who have been around for awhile as above, and have likely established long-term credibility.  Members reaching this status or higher would be considered "board members" if the site had a board of directors.  It means in the event of a dispute, between you and a member with this status, moderators will likely take their word over yours.  To be considered for moderator status, you must reach this level.

    Senior Member: These are members who have been members for a very long-time, meet the requirements of the other types of membership types above, are likely regular contributors to the site, and have reached a point where they are just as trusted as any of the site moderators.  They may even be moderators for example.  They set the standard for new potential members, and likely have regular input with the site moderators (if they aren't part of the moderators group already) about the direction of the site.  They also have the capability to Reward/Tax KP from other members (except moderators).  They are also indicated by the "Senior Member" designation next to their name when they post comments, and also on their member profiles.

    Hope this explains everything, and as usual if you have any question or need clarification on anything, feel free to contact any of us:




    Ladies: stay sweet and sexy.
    Guys: Keep the ladies feeling sweet and sexy.

    - LL xx,oo :-B
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    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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