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Masturbating In front of Significant Other
  • Vote Up3Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    I was fiddling around online one day, and saw this post where a woman decided to undress herself and continued to masturbate while the husband was right in front. She stated that her husband left the room, and frankly she was quite disappointed by that. Now, I don't know if the two are having any marital problems, but there were various comments towards her post like:

    • She was too forward with the husband
    • The husband wanted to give her some privacy
    • The husband wasn't into it
    • ect. The other comments were just childish and rude
    How would you feel if your significant other simply left if you were clearly turned on and wanted some attention? What are your opinions on the comments posted above?

    Personally, I would feel kind of down, but then again I wouldn't let him get away that easily.

    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2015-02-19 12:50:54
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
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  • Vote Up1Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member Accepted Answer
    Well that is interesting ???
    Number One # 1 I do not know the Hole situation , His & Her Sides , What happened before that ???
    Lots of Questions about then , I would to need to know a lot more about it .

    But if all was well , I would Want to Jump in Tongue First & Help Her :-}
    Bert :-}
  • Vote Up1Vote Down merrymerry
    14.95 Karma Points [?]Message merryPosts: 76Member Accepted Answer
    I masturbate in front of my hubby and visa versa. Don't think I would have been so comfortable 20 years ago...age and familiarity help. It also depends on are you under the covers, lights low, or blindfold on?
    Thanked by 3Eva sgtbert Nphotox
  • Vote Up1Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    398.69 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,961Site Administrator Accepted Answer
    Yeah, I'm with you @Eva. . .I think I would have helped her out, or watched her do her thing.  I love that. :D
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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    Thanked by 2Eva sgtbert
  • Vote Up1Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    753.30 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,846Senior Member Accepted Answer
    I think it would absolutely be sexy to watch- if any encouragement were needed, I would be more than happy to assist! I cannot understand a man who would not be supportive. No woman should be disappointed like that.
    Thanked by 2Eva sgtbert
  • Vote Up1Vote Down blazeoneblazeone
    16.42 Karma Points [?]Message blazeonePosts: 45Member Accepted Answer
    If my partner ever did that i would be happy to join in but my partner is not very open about sex lights of door closed fully covered blah blah blah but she has a good heart ... but as far as story goes i myself woyld feel slightly concerned an worried
    Thanked by 2Eva sgtbert
  • Vote Up1Vote Down canamcanam
    13.12 Karma Points [?]Message canamPosts: 29Member Accepted Answer
    I know that my wife masturbates alot, especially during sex and I love it .. I told her that I really enjoyed watching her and now she will do it in front of me with no expectation of having sex at that time, but watch out for later on.  I guess women are just like men, sometimes we just have to take matter into our own hands no matter who is around.
    Thanked by 3Eva sgtbert Honey
  • Vote Up1Vote Down Lisa_LipsLisa_Lips
    66.35 Karma Points [?]Message Lisa_LipsPosts: 308Member
    I love masturbating. I love doing it in front of my partner. Makes me feel like I'm putting on a private sex show for one.
    Thanked by 2sgtbert Nphotox
  • Vote Up1Vote Down honeylipshoneylips
    25.70 Karma Points [?]Message honeylipsPosts: 53Member
    Personally, I love, love, love watching a man masturbate,,,,,,,Cocks come in so many shapes and sizes, and each man's technique is a little bit different.....

    t I love to watch him touching himself and stroking his cock.and seeing it grow and get hard.....I also love watching him cum...... Especially when he shoots a big load a good distance.

    I also think it can be very instructive.....what better way to learn what turns your partner on?!.... You can see how and where they touch themselves....what really makes them cum and how they.look/feel/sound just before they are ready to cum.
  • I love it when my wife masterbates in front of me,, it's a great appetizer for what's to Cum.
    As far as her SO turning around and walking away,,, hummm.
    In my opion he is not that significant,,
    Never walk out on your Lady!! When she is feeling confident and Sexy!!
    Thanked by 1Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    753.30 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,846Senior Member
    I think most men love to watch women masturbate. I have a question though: How many women enjoy watching men masturbate? My wife enjoys watching me.... especially when she's not feeling well enough for playing.
    Post edited by licknthick1 at 2016-03-25 16:34:10
    Thanked by 1Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down outdoors76outdoors76
    64.96 Karma Points [?]Message outdoors76Posts: 32Member
    My wife enjoys watching me masturbate - especially when she's doing sexy things or posing for me in ways to turn me on.  She also enjoys touching me and helping me masturbate while still "staying out of the way" and letting me be the primary source of stimulation.

    I just love watching my wife masturbate.  I oftentimes encourage her to do so.  In fact, we oftentimes have her do this as foreplay.  She knows how much I adore her body and appreciate her sharing that "private" activity with me.  It makes her feel very sexy and very loved when she plays with herself in front of me.

    We are both 100% comfortable in front of each other with anything sexual.  We do not judge each other; we are both completely encouraging of each other to explore our desires and help out with any request, no matter how "naughty."
    Thanked by 2licknthick1 Honey
  • Vote Up0Vote Down HoneyHoney
    74.97 Karma Points [?]Message HoneyPosts: 350Senior Member
    I think he probably felt insecure in that his wife doesn't actually need him to please her sexually. More women need to learn to bring themselves to orgasm and then yes, definitely give your partner regular shows. Huge turn on.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down HoneyHoney
    74.97 Karma Points [?]Message HoneyPosts: 350Senior Member
    So are there any ladies that have never done this before and have decided to give it a try? What was the outcome?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down KennyCKennyC
    11.07 Karma Points [?]Message KennyCPosts: 66Member
    There are so many things you can learn from watching your lady masturbate. Who knows her better than she knows herself. Watching can show you areas you need to focus on more or focus on less. Maybe ideas for better foreplay or positions to try. Sometimes you learn more by watching. I truly love to watch and when help is needed or asked for, me, me me please!
    Thanked by 1Honey

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