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What's Your Opinion of a Woman who Shares Pussy Pics Online?
  • Vote Up4Vote Down EvaEva
    116.59 Karma Points [?]Message EvaPosts: 524Senior Member, Contributor
    I just thought of an interesting topic, and it's more towards the male audience: What's your opinion of a woman who shares pussy pics online? Is she considered a slut, a free spirited woman, or a confident woman? Say later in life, if you were married or dating someone, they told you that they posted pictures of themselves naked (without showing their face); would you be upset, concerned, ashamed, jealous, or perfectly fine with it?

    I have always felt that there is a double standard with posting pictures of genitals online. How do you guys feel about the topic? 

    Depending on the feedback, we would probably give more female members the confidence to post their own contributions. :)
    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2013-06-01 14:17:46
    I'm not short, I'm fun size!
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  • Vote Up2Vote Down xxl4skinxxl4skin
    134.11 Karma Points [?]Message xxl4skinPosts: 1,024Senior Member
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    long stretching is sexy
  • Vote Up1Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member Accepted Answer

    Some times I think they just want some one to tell them that they are OK ,

    May be they just need some one to tell them that You look Awesome & I like You !!!

    There is nothing wrong with You , I like You just the way God Made YOU !!!

    That reminds me of a song !!!

    I hope YOU ALL like the song , I do !!!

    Lots Of Love for every Body !!!

    Bert :-}



    Post edited by LabiaLover at 2013-06-03 09:20:10
    Thanked by 3Eva LabiaLover himu
  • Vote Up1Vote Down AgathaAgatha
    41.21 Karma Points [?]Message AgathaPosts: 188Member Accepted Answer
    @eva - it's a really interesting question. I know this was directed more for the guys but as I have posted my pics I though i would contribute. I have a husband and 2 permanent lovers (I have gained one since I was last here). They do not mind at all, on the contrary they are supportive. They think I am beautiful and gorgeous and encourage me to feel confident about my body and if it helps even one woman to feel better then that is also great.
    Thanked by 3LabiaLover sgtbert himu
  • Vote Up1Vote Down CherryCherry
    10.10 Karma Points [?]Message CherryPosts: 5Member Accepted Answer
    I think it's ok as long as you are ok with it. I am so excited to show my pussy. I have never felt like I had a place to do that. I have large labia and i am turned on by large labia so this site has helped me feel more confident
  • Vote Up1Vote Down sgtbertsgtbert
    270.16 Karma Points [?]Message sgtbertPosts: 1,057Senior Member

    @Kifbob I am so happy that you think that way about this place !!!

    I like this place a lot !!!

    But back to what @She was saying , I am a Man & If my wife was a porn star , I would Proudly tell others !!!

    I do wish ALL of YOU the very Best in Life !!!

    Lots Of Love !!!

    Bert :-}

  • Vote Up1Vote Down licknthick1licknthick1
    734.69 Karma Points [?]Message licknthick1Posts: 1,763Senior Member Accepted Answer
    I think that I would be proud of someone I love who would have the confidence to show their pussy pics online. Only if the posting led to another relationship would I think it would be bad behavior. I have been to a nude beach, and it was perfectly natural. Exposure is not a bad thing, and everyone likes a compliment!
  • Vote Up1Vote Down xxl4skinxxl4skin
    134.11 Karma Points [?]Message xxl4skinPosts: 1,024Senior Member

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    long stretching is sexy
    Thanked by 2licknthick1 sgtbert
  • Vote Up0Vote Down CornballCornball
    32.13 Karma Points [?]Message CornballPosts: 69Her Flower Moderator Accepted Answer
    Don't really have a negative view of them, I think so long as they are not identifiable I would have no problem with it, hell it would probably make me more attracted to them, like we have more in common and can "do" more things ;).
    Thanked by 1Eva
  • Vote Up0Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member Accepted Answer
    Here is my reaction to your excellent topic question:

    "Say later in life, if you were married or dating someone, they told you
    that they posted pictures of themselves naked (without showing their
    ); would you be upset, concerned, ashamed, jealous, or perfectly
    fine with it

    I have underlined my reaction if the condition underline is met. In fact let me say that I would be quite excited and would want to explore that naughty/wicket/free spirited side of her more ;) ... :x
    Long Labia Lover -> Checkout some of my Threads below:
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    Thanked by 1Eva
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LabiaLoverLabiaLover
    388.86 Karma Points [?]Message LabiaLoverPosts: 1,930Site Administrator Accepted Answer

    What a good topic!

    Here's my take on it:

    Is she considered a slut?

    Absolutely not. . .if I shared my cock online, which I have am I considered a "slut" -- probably not, so therefore I don't believe in the social stigma that a woman is considered a "slut" because she is confident enough to show off her body online.  Take you for example.  Super sexy, gorgeous skin tone, a body and pussy to die for. :X

    Say later in life, if you were married or dating someone, they told you
    that they posted pictures of themselves naked (without showing their
    face); would you be upset, concerned, ashamed, jealous, or perfectly
    fine with it?

    It's ironic, because I'm dating someone, who has shared her pics online (her pics are on this site as most of you know), even prior to posting here she posted pics on her own on other sites showing her face -- it doesn't and didn't bother me one bit.

    We did discuss the possibility of it affect us professionally (i.e. clients see us naked online and decide to not do business with us), and for this reason, we agreed it's better I take my face out of my pictures, since I am much more public than she is, and instantly recognizable to clients as well as friends (for example a search of my real name shows my website, facebook page, and other info in the first 10 results of Google as well as image results and a Wiki about who I am).

    Once we spoke about that, and how it would change our lifestyle if my income and her income were impacted as a result, she decided to start taking her face out of the pics too, in case anyone were able to identify us using her pics.

    Other than that, I could care less.  My cock and body is on display on many sites, including this one, xtube, and a few others -- I'm proud of my cock. LOL! :P

    Same with her, her pussy and body are display on many sites including the ones I just mentioned.

    I think people who do so are free-spirited, and if enough people did it could probably set a new precedent, since if something becomes so common it is no longer uncommon, than I think it's safe to say the public at large is more likely to adopt it. Just my 3 cents. . .
    Labia Lover - Pussy Connoisseur and Labia Enthusiast
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    Thanked by 2himu Eva
  • Vote Up0Vote Down himuhimu
    277.14 Karma Points [?]Message himuPosts: 1,727Senior Member
    I think for your case (and knowing the life you lead) the answer was a no brainier... :D sometimes I do envy you... ;) :-bd
    Long Labia Lover -> Checkout some of my Threads below:
    Artistic & Erotic | Dominika | Andie | Carmen | Sofi A | Faye | Voluptuous Ladies | Slim & Sexy Ladies
    Thanked by 2Eva LabiaLover
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SheShe
    18.02 Karma Points [?]Message ShePosts: 150Member Accepted Answer
    I think people who want to see you say it is ok but when they are serious about settling down with someone they don't want someone who has showed the world all of their body or fucked everyone. I have met a lot of men who value me just for the fact that I don't show anything via technology or share my body randomly. Americans are just not as open-minded as they claim or wish to be if we were in Amsterdam maybe and if that was the case we wouldn't need this site because we'd be out fucking and smoking, eating, and drinking some good Ale and singing with no worries.
    Thanked by 1LabiaLover
  • Vote Up0Vote Down Gatorguy37Gatorguy37
    4.31 Karma Points [?]Message Gatorguy37Posts: 10Member Accepted Answer
    If a woman enjoys showing her body, more power to her.  I believe it shows a woman is self confident and that is sexy to me.  I know many guys are jealous and wouldn't want others to see or have photos of their wife's pussy, but I am not one of them.  I enjoy frequenting nude beaches with my wife and love when she shows off her pussy.  If she posted online somewhere, I would be proud to say that is my wife.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jmwickyjmwicky
    0.21 Karma Points [?]Message jmwickyPosts: 1Member
    I feel that a woman who likes to share her pussy photos on line is not slutty.

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